JakinItaly, founded in 2014 and based in Milan, is a company which is part of the Jakin SA group that provides outsourcing services for medium and large pharmaceutical firms.
JakinItaly takes great care in choosing its partners and the collaboration stems from a careful evaluation of the project to share, in order to ensure the best development of marketing programs and the success of co-operation.

We reduce costs and risks associated with the sales force management through a rapid and flexible response capability to the opportunities, related to the medical information and the commercial activity of our partners' products. At the same time, we are able to minimise the timing for the achievement of objectives.

The international experience in the industry and the ongoing training allows our team to support and share our partners' path, meeting the needs arising from an increasingly dynamic market.

Mission & Values

Professionalism, respect for people, legality of agreements and fairness are the values upon which Jakin SA relies.
Our customers are primarily partners: hence the firm conviction that a project should be shared respecting both products and expectations.

A particular attention is given to human capital, which represents a fundamental heritage for the activity and the growth of business.


JakinItaly offers a range of health and medical information services concerning refundable and non-refundable prescription drugs, OTC, medical devices and nutritional supplements.

Our pharmaceutical sales representatives are independent. We fully respond to our partners' specific requirements.

JakinItaly also provides:
- Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
- Marketing
- Market Access
- Selection & Recruitment

News & Events

"Recognise ourselves to grow together"

Grow, together! It is with this claim that we began our journey. Our collaborators were invited to an event which has proved to be an important time for getting acquainted with each other and for recognising ourselves in the common objectives. Through this experience, all the potentialities of our team were highlighted.

Event 1 - Barceló Milano

Crescere insieme

A dive into Design

The Barceló Milan is a brand new hotel designed by the prestigious architect Simone Micheli and part of the hotel chain Barceló Hotels & Resorts.
Conceived with eclectic spaces and pure design of the rooms, the Barceló Milan espouses the main concepts of a vanguard lifestyle: creative design, latest technologies and natural materials.
We were warmly greeted in innovative and ergonomic spaces, characterised by a great range of colours and flexible environments. Harmonious, versatile and multipurpose spaces represent another feature of the interior design.
An exciting surprise made of a successful mix of informal atmosphere and heterogeneous and unusual environments.

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